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No1 Property fully appreciates it has a legal and moral responsibility to minimise the impact of its operations on the environment.  A summary of our aims and achievements are below.
Our Aims:
  • Provide our services in such a way to limit or avoid adverse impacts on the environment.
  • Minimise the consumption of non-renewable resources.
  • Maximise the use of renewable resource.
  • Comply with Environmental Legislation.
  • Continuously improve Environmental performance.
This will be achieved by:
  • The Directors are responsible for the implementation of the policy.
  • The Directors will ensure that sufficient finance and resource is made available.
  • Rewarding individuals who in the course of their duty make an outstanding contribution.
  • Ensure that environment issues are given the same status as health and safety issues.
  • Seeking suppliers and contractors with similar attitudes towards the environment.
A full copy of No1 Property's policy is available upon request.
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