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Statement and Policy
No1 Property takes its corporate social responsibilities very seriously and strives to ensure that corporate social responsibility underpins our business operation at every level.  We recognise that conducting our business in a way that minimises environmental impact, promotes positive interaction with the community and is conducted with sound ethical standards brings benefits to all concerned.
The Board takes into account social, environmental and ethical issues in its discussions and decision making.  The Board recognises the important contributions to the business made by the wider community of stakeholders, in particular employees, clients, suppliers and the local communities in which we operate.
No1 Property has achieved ISO 14001 Environmental accreditation.  We take our environmental responsibilities seriously believing that responsible environmental activity is in the interests of both our business and the communities in which we operate.  Our overall policy is to seek continuous improvement in environmental matters and to minimize our impact on the environment.
No1 Property's policy on social responsibility is designed to provide and promote opportunities for its employees and to reflect our involvement in the local communities in which we operate.
As an equal opportunity employer, we value diversity in our workforce.  People are at the heart of the Companies business and the support and involvement of the talented individuals who form our team is vital to the continued success of the Company overall.  The Company has a policy of keeping employees informed of, and engaged in, its business strategy through the Intranet, regular employee briefings and meetings.
Comments and suggestions from employees on the Company's performance and management are actively encouraged and a free flow of information between the directors, managers and employees ensures that everyone has an opportunity to contribute.
We enable our people to develop to their fullest extent through annual appraisal and objective setting using the Personal Development Programme.  Management development is a high priority and we conduct an Organisation and Talent Review annually.  All senior management vacancies are regularly reviewed by executive management to ensure that we identify our best people to fill these roles.
No1 Property is committed to a policy of diversity and equal opportunities in its employment practices and fully supports the right of all employees to work in an environment which is free of sexual or racial discrimination or of bias related to any disability.
No1 Property will not tolerate any form of victimisation or sexual or racial harassment.
The policy aims to ensure that there is no discrimination (either direct or indirect) against employees or applicants on the basis of sex, marital status, sexual orientation, race, ethnic origin, religion, religious beliefs, age or disability.  No1 Property recognises the problems that harassment can cause in the workplace and considers harassment of any employee for any reason as unacceptable.
An environment where equality exists will lead to better performance from all of our employees who will feel that they can fulfil their own potential in an atmosphere free of discrimination.  All employees have a personal responsibility for the practical application of equal opportunities in their everyday dealings and working relationships with colleagues, customers, suppliers, and other appropriate parties.
Our business and livelihood depend upon our customers.  We therefore value each and every customer and are proud of the long standing nature of our client relationships.  Continuing client satisfaction is central to our ongoing success and is regularly measured and monitored through the ISO 9001 certified quality programme.  Rare instances of negative feedback are treated with the utmost seriousness and dealt with swiftly by management through to resolution.
Every employee is responsible for ensuring that any contact with our customers and the public at large reflects professionalism, efficiency and honesty.  We constantly strive to provide high quality service and products and good value for money.
Ethical Policy
A Board director is appointed to be responsible for No1 Property social and ethical policies.
In all the company's operations it is important to retain a set of core values and approaches to the process of doing business.  The company recognises its obligations to all those with whom it has dealings.  The reputation of the company and the trust and confidence of those with whom it deals are among its most vital resources, and the protection of these is of fundamental importance.  The company demands and maintains high ethical standards in carrying out its business activities.  Corrupt practices will not be tolerated.
Relations with Customer
The company believes that integrity in dealings with customers is a prerequisite for a successful and sustained business relationship.  This principle governs all aspects of the company's approach to its customers.
In all advertising and other public communications, untruths, concealment and overstatement will be avoided.
No employee may give money or any gift of significant value to a customer.  Nor may any gift or service be given which could be construed as being intended as a bribe.
The company accords the same degree of confidentiality to confidential customer information as it does its own confidential information.
Relations with Suppliers
The company aims to develop relationships with its suppliers based on mutual trust.
The company undertakes to pay its suppliers according to agreed terms of trade.
The receipt of gifts or favours by employees can give rise to embarrassing situations and may be seen as an improper inducement to grant some concession in return to the donor.  The following principles should be observed:
  1. Gifts or favours must not be solicited
  2. Gifts of money must never be accepted
  3. Reasonable small tokens and hospitality may be accepted provided they do not place the recipient under any obligation, are not capable of being misconstrued and can be reciprocated at the same level, and the employee's immediate superior is made aware of the same.
Any offer of gifts or favours of unusual size or questionable purpose should be reported immediately to the employee's superior and a Director.
Relations with Competitors
The company will compete vigorously, but honestly.
The company will not damage the reputation of competitors either directly or by implication or innuendo.
In any contacts with competitors, employees will avoid discussing proprietary or confidential information.
The company believes service excellence to be the best way of enhancing its reputation.  Whilst fair comparison between the company's strengths and competitors' weaknesses may be made, the company will not engage in damaging competitors' reputations either directly or by implication, misrepresentation or innuendo.
The Community
No1 Property believes in contributing to the well-being of the communities in which it operates.  The Company is committed to ensuring that it plays an active part in its local communities.  We are building links and associations with local charitable organisations and we will support those that have a direct relevance to our community, our business and our employees.
We encourage business units and individual groups to run charitable events, either for the Company charity or for another cause that is important to the area or the people involved and we offer support for employees to undertake sponsored activities.
During the year, we supported fundraising for the Children's Adventure Farm Lymm and raised in excess of £3,000 through a series of events and sponsored activities.
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